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TCM Tees Series

acupuncture Chinese cupping design herbal herbs medicine moxibustion qigong series t-shirts TCM tee telberry traditional tuina

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has over 3,000 years of history that includes various major forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, massage (Tui Na), dietary, and qigong therapies. Cupping and Bian Shi can be concluded in Tui Na. There are also minor forms like psychological, folk, music, climate cycle treatments.

I studied Chinese medcine for years and keep studying different kinds of theories practiced in the TCM scope which is much broader than anyone could imagine. My designs are based on traditional ideas with modern presentation. The first one is the acupuncture, practitioner needles the patient's skin and the transmission of the Qi (energy flow) instantly is like the lightning running through the meridians to the designated organs. The second is the moxibustion, smokes goes up and the heat lies under the moxa triangle, the heat, infra red and the effective ingredient penetrate to the meridians. The third is the herbal medicine with the medicine clay pot, different colour and smell herbs go to different internal organs based on the theories of yin-yang, five elements, and many more. The fourth design is cupping which was used by many Rio Olympic Game athletes catch the attention from all over the world. The upper back and shoulders of the swimmer all sucked by glass cups with swollen red-purple marks. He also swims inside an upside-down glass treatment cup, not a fish tank!

I hope everyone feel interested about TCM as a major medical treatment amongst many effective medicines. Chinese medicine practitioners fought Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in Hong Kong in 2002 with much effective, no side-effect than modern medicine arose the interest of TCM and TCM will shock the world again.  

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