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Who's telberry?

Who's telberry? Terence was my original first name, but many people called me Terry, that's fine for me because lots of people ask me it's single R or double R, ummm.... When I was in the Royal Navy, shipmates called me Tel which was as much abbreviated. When I started designing t-shirts on Redbubble, I then renamed Tel and Terry, with the suffix -berry sounds "much more" like an apparel brandname, and "telberry" was borned.

Why "telberry" signature look like that? It's not a kindergarten kid handscript, the signature can be fixed on my resume photo (20+ years ago) with my eyes inside the "e"s. My iris are BROWN and not GREEN. LOL

All the designs are made through the FREE graphic software, GIMP, and a non-Macintosh computer with mouse only, surprise?

I have a tee called "My tees are not made for skaters", but I bought one myself and I am not a skater though. I hope everyone proudly says "Express Style My Way", no matter what style you prefer, whether you wear my tee or a tuxedo, just express your own unique style, and you don't need others to approve what you like!


telberry's bio:

From engineer to Chinese medicine clinic manager, from part time t-shirt designer (2008) on Redbubble, Zazzle, Mallid to full time (2016) t-shirt designer with its own website, telberry is the brandname of Hong Kong based international t-shirt designer, Terry Chow, who shows enthusiatism and creativity about graphic design on apparel.

If you have anything about the story of each work or customer enquiry, please feel free to contact




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