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Laozi Story Tee


Who is Laozi? He is the author of Tao Te Ching in Zhou Dynasty (6th-5th BC Century) and the founder of philosophical Taoism. The myth was Laozi worn a white gown and rode on a Single Horn Buffalo in the sky from the East and tried to land on a mountain, but every mountain he tried to land were collasped when the Buffalo feet stepped on them. The Buffalo finally could land without collaspe on ZhongNan Mountain in Shannxi, China and Laozi started teaching his philosophy.
The nickname of Laozi (a respectful name) is LI Er (Er means ear) because of his extraordinary long ears.
The design shows the significant features of the story. Long ears, white gown, Single Horn Holy Buffalo (most pictures searched on Internet wrongly presented with normal 2 horn buffalo), and buffalo colour is about green and blue. The purple cloud at the back is the fortunate cloud blowing from the East means luck and fortune.

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