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What telberry do

When East meets West

We focus on designing and offer traditional Chinese culture graphic t-shirts under our brandname "telberry". This is an idea that there are still many people in this world knowing little about Chinese culture. We hope the ancient or traditional Chinese culture, philosophy, history, religion, or civilisation may make you feel very interested.

We also produce a trendy iconic design, "SOUL BROS" is another line under telberry.

Please feel free to contact us for more information. We have more products and designs soon, so please subscribe our Facebook page so that we can update you. We also showcase and sell our telberry products on ( except the SOUL BROS line) :  where we began our business since 2009.

telberry selects only ONE fabric colour for each design for the best visual, the colour match is sometimes low key, but sometimes quite loud!

All SOUL BROS t-shirts are printed with outside neck label , "SOUL BROS X telberry", cost increased, but it is well worthy to do so.

Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter for the latest works, it may take weeks or months to have new design, please be patient! On the other hand, we irregularly offer discount.

All t-shirts are made in Los Angeles, California, USA



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